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God save <strong>snowboarders</strong>
God save snowboarders
Immagine scuole azzurra shiatore

Oursnowboard courses for adults and children

Snowboard is not just a sliding sport.
Snowboard is a different way of living the mountain and living the snow.
Riding a board is riding the freedom and with the proper technique you will feel like flying.

Our proposals
Snowboard private lessons

If you want a personal teacher always taking care of you book one or more private lesson to get
control, skillness and style in every condition.

Snowboard group lessons

A different concept where with riders of your same level during the week you will bring by your
instructor to discover the beauty of this sport that is not just a sport, it’s a world itself!


Enjoy the thrill of being surrounded by pure nature and ride free the white virgin snow,
Let your instructor to guide you through the forest and off piste and you will discover a new world.


If you spent hours watching tricks on youtube and you think this is your world, here is the place to
find the proper instructions to be able to jump and use the snowboard as you never thought it was


our partners hotel

the best hotels have chosen the Italian Azzurra Ski School to entertain you on the slopes of Folgarida and Marilleva!

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