If you are looking for a virgin powder field, or a wild mountain to climb with the ski, if you like rails or jumps in the snowparks, if you are looking for the freedom of a telemark ride, ride with our instructors and your dreams will come true.


“Sciare fuori pista non è un divertimento, è vita vissuta al massimo, in un lampo di realtà.”
(Dolores La Chapelle)

If skiing on piste is getting boring to you,or if you just want to improve your technique off piste, our instructors will teach you all that you need to know from the safety rules to the proper way of guiding your ski eveywhere.

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Freestyle is not just a word, is not only jumps or skiing backwards, freestyle is a “style” and on the snow with us you will understand what we mean.

It comes from the past, hunters moving on white terrain and now we are still hunters ….of freedom.
Try it once and the free heel concept will be within you forever !!!

Ski touring

Some of our instructors are also mountain guide that will lead you far from the busy ski slopes, into the wild nature where to enjoy the mountain in a slower and pure way.

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Get to know one by one all of our teachers.


Every kid is our future and we take care of every of them!


The best shoots and the best videos.



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