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Skiing <br> with <br> the best<br> Instructors
the best
Immagine scuole azzurra shiatore

skiing, snowboarding and lots of fun

Our school organizes many different activities:

Ski and snowboard lessons, from beginners to experts.

Group or private lessons, you choose the one you like…
We will take care of the rest!

And we don’t stop here, discover all that you can do:
fun is garantied and in complete safety!


Snowboard is not just a sliding sport. Snowboard is a different way of living the mountain and living the snow. Riding a board is riding the freedom and with the proper technique you will feel like flying. “GOD SAVE SNOWBOAR...


If skiing on piste is getting boring to you,or if you just want to improve your technique off piste, our instructors will teach you all that you need to know from the safety rules to the proper way of guiding your ski eveywhere...


Freestyle is not just a word, is not only jumps or skiing backwards, freestyle is a “style” and on the snow with us you will understand what we mean.


It comes from the past, hunters moving on white terrain and now we are still hunters ….of freedom. Try it once and the free heel concept will be within you forever !!!

Ski touring

Some of our instructors are also mountain guide that will lead you far from the busy ski slopes, into the wild nature where to enjoy the mountain in a slower and pure way.


Do you think that a winter holiday is only skiing? Put on a pair of snow shoe and let you be guide trough the beautiful forest and mountain of the Dolomites and relax yourself into the white nature, breath purely the clean coo...

The future belong to the kids and the Azzurra ski school know it!

The future belongs to children and the Azzurra Ski School knows it! For this reason, it dedicates particular attention to the little ones by creating more and more specific offers and promotions, characterizing itself as one of the most prestigious FAMILY SKI SCHOOLS


our partners hotel

the best hotels have chosen the Italian Azzurra Ski School to entertain you on the slopes of Folgarida and Marilleva!

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