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Practical tips<br/>for skiing<br/> safely
Practical tips
for skiing
Immagine scuole azzurra shiatore

The rules on the ski slopes

The helmet is required for all boys under 14 years, but it is also recommended for older boys!!

1. Respect for others

Every skier must behave in such a way to avoid endangering others or causing damage.

2. Control of speed and behavior on the slopes

Every skier must travel at a speed within his/her range of ability and take into account the general conditions of the ski runs and weather.

3. Choice of route

Skiers uphill must choose a route that avoids collisions with skiers downhill.

4. Directions

Skiers must pay attention to the directions taken by others, also based on the equipment they are using (snowboard, telemark, fun carving, etc.) 

5. Overtaking

You can overtake another skier above or below, on the right or on the left, but always at a safe distance so that the other skier can make his/her maneuvers.

6. Minimum space for overtaking on the edge of the run

Skiers must always leave sufficient space to allow others to overtake them and also avoid making abrupt changes in direction that can mislead the skiers behind them.

7. Merging, crossing, yielding

When a skier enters a ski run or crosses a marked slope, he/she must first carefully look uphill and downhill to avoid endangering himself/herself and others. He/she must also do this after every stop.

8. Stopping

The skier must avoid stopping, unless absolutely necessary, in areas that

9. Climbing or descending on foot

In case of urgent need, the skier climbing or descending on foot must keep to the side of the run and move out of the way if visibility is poor

10. Respecting signs

All skiers must respect the signs on the runs and slow down.

11. Accidents

In the event of an accident, all skiers must stop and provide assistance, calling the First aid and indicating the site of the accident.

12. Identification

Anyone involved in or witness to an accident must give their personal info to the First aid arriving on the accident scene.


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